Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shrivelled Prunes VS. Old People VS. Mother Nature.

I open the curtain and stare into space. This heat has fizzled my brain and I have no energy to move, let alone think. It's bucketing down outside. Quit the contrast to the sizzling summer heat we've been dealing with for the past week or so. I press my face against the dirty glass window, watching large drops of icy cold rain, splatter down on the withered grass. Before my very own eyes, the grass, seems to spring to life. How precious is this liquid substance. Without it, the world would look like a big old shrivelled prune. 

Speaking of shrivelled old prunes, I am quickly transforming into one, that of the old man kind. I didn't go out last night.... One of the biggest nights of the year, New years Eve. I stayed in, just me, the remote and old re runs of I Love Lucy.... gotta love that crazy as red head, Luccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I work at an old folks home, so this 'old man' title is quiet fitting don't you think? Some days I hobble around, clicky hip and all, thinking, 'Jeez it should be these old bastards looking after me, but instead I dish out  the royal treatments, day in, day out. For only $18.28 an hour, this includes ass wiping, nappy changing, showering, drying, rubbing cream into their wimsy body bits, feeding and coping their daily rants and abuse... you name it, we do it. Service with a (somewhat forced) smile eh?!

Don't get me wrong, I DO love my job, but..... even those little adolecent shits at McDonalds get almost as much as me. Can I take your order please, would you like fries with that, for just an extra dollar we can supersize you! Anyway, last year was not a good year for me, well the 5 months I devoted my all to a certain married somebody, but we will get into that more, sometime down the track if I can be bothered talking about that worthless peice of shit... no bitterness here, HONEST! 

Wow, the rain has stopped and now that silly sun is blazing outside my window, drops of persperation beading on my forhead, deja vu again. I wipe away the sweat, mmm sweat. What is it with Mother Nature of late??? I think she is in need of a fucking, well- earned holiday or a good shag atleast. Flash flooding in Queensland, sweltering heat in Victoria, snow up in the snowy mountains... something is defiantly up with this planet!

I am going to eat. I hear Mother slaving away in the kitchen, mmm roast dinner, yum yum... the perks of living at home with your olds eh?! I'm not ashamed.... LOL.

Please (I'm begging you), join me on my journey through 2011. I'm a little crazy, a little quirky, a little stupid.... so much to look forward to, I think!!??

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Adios for now! 
And a happy new year everyone!